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We seem to be always on the go. People today are more active and more enthusiastic about trying new things than ever before. But we are also more aware of the impact and consequences of our activities on Earth. What 7.7 billion people in the world choose to consume and dispose of every day is resulting in changes around us that we can no longer keep ignoring. Not everyone can stop using disposable single-use products right away. But anyone can make a swift change to use more environment- and Earth-friendly disposable products that are made to biodegrade within just months from being disposed.


Walvis Eco aims to make this shift for you as easy and cost-effective as possible. Going GREEN doesn't have to mean a whole new business plan and doubling your spending on supplies. With Walvis Eco, you get to Save Your Green While Going Green!


Every item sold at Walvis Eco is certified BPI Compostable. This means when properly composted at a commercial composting facility, ALL our products will biodegrade and break down up to 90% in just 85~100 days.

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