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What does it mean "Compostable"?

Although often confused and mistakenly used interchangeably with the term “biodegradable”, there is a significant difference between a biodegradable product and a compostable one. One can make the argument that pretty much EVERYTHING biodegrades. Given enough time, albeit hundreds of years in some cases, most of the disposable items we currently use WILL biodegrade eventually. So, naturally this term is often misused and abused by many.

A “compostable” product however, is something that is made from material and composition that can turn into decaying biodegradable mass, and ultimately into nutritious soil. Our products are BPI-Certified Compostable, which means they’re certified to break down and decompose up to 90% in 180 days or less. As a matter of fact, studies conducted by BPI showed that on average these items decomposed in just 87 days. So when you use compostable products, not only you negate harming the Earth, but also create nutrition-enriched soil that is beneficial to the environment around us.  

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