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Do you sell any regular plastic products?

Walvis Eco believes in the long term goal of sustainability. We believe it is essential to minimize the use of petroleum-based plastic for our single-use disposables. Therefore, here at Walvis Eco Food-Service Products everything we sell is 100% certified compostable and biodegradable.

Do we need to pay sales tax?

We do NOT collect sales tax from customers from outside of California. As for our California customers, if you have a valid CA seller’s permit we may be able to waive your sales tax. Please contact us before placing your order, and fill out, sign, and return the California Resale Certificate form with your CA seller's permit number to us. Our goal is to keep the final delivered cost of your orders as low as possible.

I live in/near Los Angeles. Can I pick up my orders?

At Walvis Eco, we do not add ANY handling/service charge on top of the shipping fee you pay. In other words, we do not make any profit from the added shipping charge. (As a matter of fact, we often are splitting the shipping cost with you. That’s how our shipping cost can be so low.) So, if you happen to be near us, you are more than welcome to come pick up your order in lieu of the shipping. 

How much is shipping?

The shipping for your order will be automatically calculated based on your location and the total gross weight of your order. If the total of your order before taxes exceeds $599 AND your shipping address is in California, we will pay for your shipping!

What’s your return policy?

All of our products are used in restaurants, coffee shops, and other food-service industry businesses. Therefore we cannot accept returns on items that are already opened unless the products inside were damaged, or you received a wrong item due to our administrative error.


Purchased product may be returned, as long as  it’s unopened and in its original packing condition, within 30 calendar days of receipt. 20% restocking fee will be assessed and deducted from your return credit on all returns that are not due to damaged product or mistaken order. Customer will be responsible for return shipping fees to our warehouse address. We do not refund shipping costs or credit card fees.

What is the shelf life of your products?

Due to our products being made from 100% plant-based materials, it is important that you are aware of the shelf lives of what you’re purchasing from us. For our sugarcane containers, plates, and cups, the shelf life is 3 years as long as they’re properly stored. The ideal environment to store the sugarcane bagasse items is in a cool and dry area without direct sunlight. For our PLA/CPLA items, the shelf life is 1 to 2 years. Our products may still be used safely beyond the aforementioned shelf lives, but you may experience deterioration in structural rigidity or discoloration.

What should I do with damaged items?

If your shipment arrived damaged, incorrect, or incomplete, please contact us at (833) 432-6246 to speak with one of our staff members, and we will process your refund or replacement order. We may ask for images/photos of damages to provide our shipping carrier.


Any damaged products or order discrepancies have to be notified of and brought to our attention within 15 calendar days of receipt. We will refund or replace your order and pay for return shipping back to us.


ALL returns require a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. This is to ensure that the right account gets credited and your returns/refunds get processed in a timely fashion. You MUST call us at (833) 432-6246 M-F 9am-6pm PT to receive the RMA number from one of our staff members before making your return.


Refusing any package at the time of delivery may incur additional return shipping fees.


Upon receiving your order, please inspect it for any damaged, lost, or missing items.

Do your products have any certifications?

Yes! Everything sold at Walvis Eco is certified compostable and certified biodegradable. We are certified and registered with the Biodegradable Products Institute, or BPI for our sugarcane bagasse items. Our products conform to FDA food safety standards and meet ASTM D6868 requirements for compostability. Our bagasse items have also passed safety tests administered by SGS.

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